VERMEER ATX vs. Mini Skid Steer: A comparative analysis for your landscaping needs

As you begin planning for your landscaping project, choosing the right equipment is crucial. At Vermeer BC, we can help you find the right solution for your jobs.

With so many specialized equipment in the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed with decisions. In this article we will break down the key features of two poplar landscaping equipment: the Vermeer compact articulated loader (ATX) and the Vermeer mini skid steer (CTX).

Vermeer Compact Articulated Loader

Vermeer Compact articulated loaders (ATX)

The Compact Articulated Loader is Vermeer’s newest addition to their wide line of equipment. Released across North America in 2020, the ATX has quickly risen to become a crowd favourite. With its telescopic boom and high lifting capabilities, the machine gives operators great reach on the job (29.1 inches with ATX850, and 21.6 inches with ATX530). Get increased reach and versatility when loading your deck trucks with a pallet fork configuration. Thanks to the multi-tool attachment plate, this loader is built for diverse jobs. By simply exchanging the attachment, you can tackle snow removal, tree care work, and landscaping projects. Its compact size makes it highly maneuverable in tight spaces, with a maximum width of 50.4 inches (ATX850 with wide tires) and a minimum width of 40.9 inches (ATX530 with narrow tires). Its lift-capacity-to-weight ratio allows for a lighter machine while maintaining powerful strength. The multifunction joystick obliterates the need for operators to release the loader arm controls and increase ease of use. Reduce the amount of ground disturbance on turfs while taking turns with the four-wheel drive hydrostatic direct drive motors.

Vermeer Mini Skid Steer

The Mini Skid Steer is a classic machine within Vermeer’s family of products. It is renowned for strength, durability, versatility, and value. A universal mounting plate makes it easy to hook up new attachments and efficiently get your jobs done. The diverse range of attachments transforms one mini skid steer into a loader, trencher, auger, and so much more. With these attachments, a mini skid steer can clean, organize, and unclutter your jobsite. Quickly move obstructions out of the way to increase productivity and jobsite safety. Work unbounded by space, the machine’s compact size allows you to drive into small places where larger equipment could never. Along with its smaller size, mini skid steers are very lightweight. But there is little trade-off with lift capacity; this small machine has an operating capacity range up to 1600 pounds! Committed to making Vermeer skid steers the most operator-friendly unit in the industry, these machines are equipped with a single pilot-operated joystick which enables a smooth range of motion. Using the models built with a duel hydraulic auxiliary, you can truly knock out some gruelling heavy-duty jobs very efficiently.


Compact Articulated Loader

Mini Skid Steer
(with standard bucket)

  • Highly maneuverable
  • Low turf disturbance
  • Telescopic boom
  • Multi-tool attachment plates
  • Wide variety of attachments with universal mounting plate
  • Heavy-duty lift capacity available
  • Compact size

119.9 cm – 128 cm

106.7 cm
Weight1229.7 kg – 1929.6 kg1018.3 kg – 1868.8 kg
Hinge Pin Height275.1 cm – 297.9 cm182.9 cm – 225.4 cm
Travel Speed8.25 km/h – 28 km/h

5.6 km/h – 7.2 km/h

Operating Capacity

straight = 676.8 kg – 1153 kg

articulated = 575.2 kg – 865 kg

226.8 kg – 725.7 kg

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