We are proud to work with Vermeer’s extensive and premium equipment. Vermeer BC’s Parts Teams located throughout British Columbia are dedicated to helping your business and equipment needs and have a deep understanding of all the construction, excavation, compaction and heavy equipment we carry. Our teams work with you in providing the most appropriate and affordable new or used replacement parts options within efficient turnaround time.

Engineering Excellence
Vermeer hand-selects all parts and tooling used within their equipment. That means every component serves a unique purpose within your machine’s unique engineered design. Trust Vermeer components to optimize the performance of your machine.

Quality Parts
Vermeer parts are made from high-quality materials using rigorously-tested manufacturing techniques. Parts are designed based on customer feedback. We consistently work to improve designs to help maximize part life.

We understand that your time is money and you need parts or equipment serviced quickly to keep your business up and running!

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