We are proud to work with Vermeer’s extensive and premium equipment. Vermeer BC’s Parts Teams located throughout British Columbia are dedicated to helping your business and equipment needs and have a deep understanding of all the construction, excavation, compaction and heavy equipment we carry. Our teams work with you in providing the most appropriate and affordable new or used replacement parts options within efficient turnaround time.

Engineering Excellence
Vermeer hand-selects all parts and tooling used within their equipment. That means every component serves a unique purpose within your machine’s unique engineered design. Trust Vermeer components to optimize the performance of your machine.

Quality Parts
Vermeer parts are made from high-quality materials using rigorously-tested manufacturing techniques. Parts are designed based on customer feedback. We consistently work to improve designs to help maximize part life.

We understand that your time is money and you need parts or equipment serviced quickly to keep your business up and running!  Have questions about Vermeer parts?

Explore some of the common Vermeer parts below.

Vermeer Brush Chipper Knives

We offer Vermeer brush chippers knives which are manufactured using high-grade steel. Thanks to the dual-tempered heat-treatment process, the Vermeer knives are hard enough to hold the edge and tackle the toughest materials. These long-lasting knives are built to accurate specifications for the Vermeer equipment.

Pro tip: Replace brush chipper knives in sets of two for the proper balance of the machine.

Vermeer Screens

We offer Vermeer manufactured screens for Grinders and Trommels. They come in variety of sizes to ensure the correct fit for your Vermeer equipment and job needs. It is critical to have genuine Vermeer parts for equipment like grinders which endure some of the toughest working environments. In addition to screens, we also offer grinder tips, drums, and other critical parts for your Vermeer equipment.

Vermeer HDD Tooling

We offer a full range of Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) tooling to help you tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. HDD tooling features precision threading and high-end carbide layering technology so that you can get work done year-round, in nearly any condition.

Below are some of the products offered in HDD Tooling:

Firestick® drill rod

Silver Series™ drill rod

QuickFire® connection system

Fluted reamers

T-REX™ reamer

Mix Master™ reamers

Armor® drilling system

Cutting System

Vermeer cutter system can help you keep your Vermeer stump cutter performing at its peak. It is designed to make maintenance easier and extend the life of wear parts like pockets and teeth. Speak with one of our Vermeer parts experts to learn more about Vermeer cutter systems.

Bushings & Pins

We carry a large variety of Pins & Bushings for your Vermeer equipment. Choosing high quality pins and bushings is important for undercarriage performance as well as for the overall health of your equipment. Speak with one of our people today to find out which set of Pins & Bushings are ideal for your equipment model and working conditions.

Emergency Replacement Parts

One of our top priorities is to provide you immediate support when you experience unexpected breakdowns. With a service team that is available 24/7 and 20,000+ parts in stock across our 8 dealerships in BC, we are equipped to provide emergency response to get you up and running. If your equipment cannot come into our shop then our team of expert technicians can reach you in our service trucks, fully stocked with emergency parts.

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