Vermeer Equipment for Your Farming Needs

Are you looking to upgrade or expand your farming equipment fleet? 

Vermeer equipment can help complement your machines by enhancing productivity on your acreage or in agriculture harvesting.

Vermeer BC ATX850

Vermeer Tree, Brush & Wood Chippers

Vermeer tree, brush & wood chippers can help with cleaning up pastures, reducing fire hazards, and are a great alternative to burning. Vermeer brush chippers are engineered with exclusive, robust features that support easy operation, high efficiency, and operator safety. These chippers are designed to clear wood debris and logs or limbs with small to large diameters. As an added safety feature, Vermeer chippers have a bottom-feed stop bar that is strategically located so the operator’s leg strikes the bar to shut off the feed mechanism either intentionally or automatically in an emergency.

Vermeer Compact articulated loaders

Increase productivity and efficiency on your farmland with the Vermeer compact articulated loaders. Their high lifting capabilities and telescopic boom are an alternative to skid-steer machines for your ‘everyday’ on the farm. The Vermeer ATX is designed to meet the needs of a maneuverable and versatile machine with the added benefit of low turf disturbance. Learn more about the multi-tool attachment plate to help tackle snow removal, moving bales and transporting other materials.

Vermeer Trommel Screens

Vermeer trommel screens are designed for waste management and reduction. Vermeer trommel screens help separate debris from compost, and are designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance. With a large hopper that is low to the ground and removable side panels, Vermeer trommel screens are easy to use with a variety of loading equipment. The reversible conveyors & drums, swinging conveyors, and adjustable tension screens add to the versatility and reliability of these world-class pieces of equipment for your farm.

Vermeer BC is proud to offer a wide range of equipment to help enhance your productivity for your farming needs. 

Reach out to your local Vermeer BC dealership to learn more or to book a demo on a machine!