Winterizing Your Drill for Freezing Weather

It is important to winterize your equipment to keep them in a good shape and continue getting your job done even in the freezing weather. In the video shared below, one of the experts at Vermeer demonstrates how you can antifreeze your onboard fluid system effectively. 

Below is a summary of the steps involved in anti-freezing the horizontal drill’s fluid system, also known as mud pump. Please watch the full video to successfully perform the process in a safe and efficient manner.


Step 1: Flush the mud pump with clean water to remove any remaining drilling fluids


Step 2: Check the onboard antifreeze tank for the adequate amount of Navigator® freeze guard. Now, open the antifreeze supply valve to allow the fluid into the mud pump.

Step 3: At the operator station, check that the front vise is open, and the drilling fluid system is turned on.

Step 4: Next, press the drilling fluid flow set point key and set to a low flow rate.


Step 5: Run the mud pump until you see a steady stream of antifreeze coming from the sub saver and then shut the pump off.


Step 6: If the wash wand was used to clean the drill, you need to anti-freeze that as well.


Step 7: Lastly, be sure to close the antifreeze supply valve.

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